The number of dogs abandoned by owners has risen

Not quite three weeks since Christmas and there are two articles in the press about the number of abandoned dogs. More than 10,000 stray dogs were picked up by local authorities across Wales in the last 12 months – and animal welfare organisations are struggling to re-home them, article and video via the BBC ‘Dogs dumped by struggling owners.’

Animal rescue centres in Kent are preparing for a surge in pets needing new homes because they have been dumped after Christmas, ‘Kent animal rescue centres braced for influx of pets dumped after Christmas.’

A dog needs caring, responsible committed owners yet almost anyone can buy a dog which may live for well over ten years.  With so many people giving up their dogs after Christmas some thing needs to be done to help resolve the tragic issue of so many vulnerable and lonely dogs ending up at over stretched rescue centres or pounds.  In New Zealand the Auckland Council have the Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL) which shows the council that you are committed to ensuring your dog is healthy and happy, and not likely to cause a nuisance to others in the community. Acquiring an RDOL is free, but if you meet the criteria and pass the multi-choice test it could save you money on your dog registration fees.

Two years ago the Guardian published this article about puppy farms First came battery chickens. Now we have battery dogs which includes the dos and don’ts of buying a dog.

Below are just two of the many online petitions to STOP puppy farming.

Stop Puppy Farming – petition via

Raise a paw and sign up against puppy farming via The Kennel Club

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