Bullfighting and Pamplona Bull Run

Spanish MPs have voted to consider giving bullfighting special cultural status – a move that could overturn regional bans on the age-old tradition.  BBC 12th Feb, 2013

Spain moves to protect bullfighting tradition BBC 4th May ’13

Fadjen is a Spanish fighting bull who was supposed to die during a bullfight, suffering agony during several minutes under the applauds of the public. Fadjen’s destiny changed when he met Christophe Thomas. He became a quiet and sociable bull, living in peace and in an environment adapted to his needs.He is now a very powerful symbol of non-violence, Fadjen the “fighting bull” has completely upset prejudices conveyed by the bullfighting world. Here you can learn some truths about this barbaric tradition in this amazing video about Christophe and Fadjen Fadjen – Pablo Knudsen – 2011 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Website for Fadjen

Here you can support the League Against Cruel Sports’ Bullfighting campaign in a number of ways.

Another Leaque Against Cruel Sports campaign against the Pamplona Bull Run




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