Call for ban on swimming with dolphins

This week we heard how the young influential entertainer twins Jedwad tweeted @planetjedward ‘We can’t wait to go to Orlando and swim with the dolphins yet in this article from The Scotsman Call for ban on swimming with dolphins there are many reasons why this should be banned. To discover where most captive dolphins come from watch free online the Oscar winning film The Cove a thriller style documentary directed by Louie Psihoyos a world famous National Geographic photographer about the plight of Ric O’Barry former Flipper dolphin trainer.  Ric believes a dolphin committed suicide in his arms and overnight he became an activist speaking up for and releasing captive dolphins, Ric has spent over 40 years campaigning and in 1991 in recognition of his contribution to the protection of dolphins, O’Barry received an Environmental Achievement Award.

Dame Dr. Jane Goodall founder of The Jane Goodall Institute speaks out about this here Message about captive dolphins from Dame Dr. Jane Goodall.

Sea Shepherd a global conservation organisation annually have Cove guardians in Taiji Japan documenting and monitoring the slaughter and capture of dolphins for theme parks. Here is one of their public service announcement videos  Sea Shepherd – Susan Sarandon “Save the Dolphins”

Singapore SPCA ‘Wild caught dolphins for Resorts World Sentosa – SPCA says ‘NO’ to dolphins in captivity’  The United Kingdom and Brazil do not hold cetaceans in captivity, Italy has banned swim-with-dolphins programs. Chile has prohibited the commercial display of all cetacean species. Also Samantha Berg a former Sea World trainer speaks about whales and dolphins in captivity.

It would be great if Jeward would join the global calls for a ban on swim with dolphins and dolphins in captivity once they discover the true horrors of this money making industry.

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  1. Linda A Lufkin // January 14, 2013 at 3:16 pm // Reply

    We can’t have any animals dying cuz we need to save them all!

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